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Patients in need of complete dental services in the Guelph community have been coming to Stone Road Family Dental for over 33 years. Our dental team offers services ranging from dental cleaning and teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry, endodontic treatments and everything in between. We know that no two patients are alike, and we will always take the time to meet with you and design a customized treatment plan that will address your needs.

Trusted Since 1984

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Come visit us to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. We provide regular general dental cleanings to remove built up plaque that can cause cavities and other issues. Once your teeth are cleaned, we will whiten them to get rid of any pesky stains and discolouration.

Surgical Options Available

Our main priority is to prevent serious dental issues before they start through regular cleaning and maintenance. In some cases however, more invasive surgical procedures may be necessary. We can perform effective dental surgeries with nitrous oxide sedation or intravenous sedation so that you get the treatment you need with no pain or discomfort.

Call our dental clinic today to schedule your appointment. 

Our Dental Services

We offer a number of different services to maintain your dental health, including:

  • Dental cleaning

  • Teeth whitening

  • Periodontal treatment

  • Endodontic treatment

  • Orthodontic treatment

  • Prosthodontics treatment

  • Cosmetic dentistry 

  • Oral surgeries

  • X-rays


Speak to our dental team.

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